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Words of Wisdom [Charles H Spurgeon] 9780883683682

Charles Spurgeon reflects on topics from short beds to capital punishment, approaching each with a sound biblical perspective. Set in contemporary language for today's reader, Words of Wisdom provides you with Godly truths that will inspire your daily walk with the Lord.

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When Christ Returns [Charles H Spurgeon] 9781603744935

Christ's Second coming and the Judgment that will follow are fascinating subjects to consider in our troubled generation. Charles Spurgeon explores many aspects of these end-time events and the role of Christians in them.

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Around The Wicket Gate [Charles H Spurgeon] 9781603746342

Charles Spurgeon draws from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress to reach those who have not yet entered the "wicket gate". The free gift of eternal life is available to all, including those in the dangerous position of being almost a Christian.

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How to Have Real Joy [Charles H Spurgeon] 9780883686621

Charles Spurgeon reveals how you can experience the profound joy of the Lord in the midst of life's difficulties. Even when your life is in turmoil, this kind of happiness remains steady and strong because it is the abiding manifestation of the Spirit's presence in you. Through Spurgeon's insightful words, you will discover that God delights in blessing you, His child, and His life-transforming power can satisfy every longing of your heart. Allow your heavenly Father to hold you in His arms, wipe away your tears, and fill you with His joy today. Then genuine happiness will bubble up from the depths of your being and spill over to touch everyone around you.

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God's Grace to You [Charles H Spurgeon] 9780883684320

Understanding the covenant of grace is at the heart of faith in Christ. In this inspiring book, Charles Spurgeon explores the details of God's unbreakable contract with you and points out many of its marvelous provisions, including forgiveness of your sins, inner peace, a new nature, freedom from bondage, and entrance into heaven. Often, God's blessings sit accumulating in His storehouse, just waiting to be claimed, because Christians do not realize they can have their inheritance now. Discover the riches of God's gracious covenant with you, so you can claim your abundant legacy today

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Fullness of Joy [Charles H Spurgeon] 9780883684122

Charles Spurgeon reveals the secrets of developing a thankful heart. With this inward transformation, your life will overflow with joyful praise and gratitude. In this insightful book, you will discover God's great plan of salvation, who you are in Christ, the certainty of God's promises, your acceptance in the Beloved, the warmth of being God's friend, and Christ's victory for you over sin, death, and Satan. Your life will be filled with the love and peace of God. As you give thanks for all of God's bountiful gifts to you, your sorrows will be turned into joy.

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Spiritual Parenting [Charles H Spurgeon] 9780883689592

Your child is worth all the time, money, heartaches, and effort because your child can make a difference in this world. From the depths of his God-given wisdom, Charles Spurgeon shows how you can establish a secure, nurturing, Christ-centered home in which to grow strong, healthy, happy families. Here is encouragement and advice to parents on guiding the spiritual development of children from infancy through young adulthood.

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Satan A Defeated Foe [Charles H Spurgeon] 9781603745604

Satan wants to blanket the earth in darkness, but Jesus is the Light of the World. Christ has made His power available to us so that we can defeat the Enemy in our lives. Here are powerful biblical strategies to overcome Satan when he tries to maneuver his way into your life.

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Power In Praising God [Charles H Spurgeon] 9780883685266

While pointing to the rewards of thankful prayer, Charles Spurgeon shows Christians how to unlock the power of prayer by praising God. As he explores the Scriptures, Spurgeon explains how you can: Promote your spiritual well-being; Break through the barriers of prayer; Find peace in life's storms; Relive the miracles of the Bible; Expand your ability to praise God; Develop a thankful heart; Experience God's abundant provision.

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John Ploughman's Talks [Charles H Spurgeon] 9781603746335

Everyday advice based on biblical faith

Charles Spurgeon's success as a legendary preacher and author was generated from his intense love and concern for "working people." In John Ploughman's Talks, Spurgeon assumes the persona of a simple ploughman to dispense advice and address serious moral issues in the language of the common man. Spurgeon's homespun humor and rustic illustrations reflect on a variety of issues, such as idleness, grumbling, appearance, patience, gossiping, debt, spending, family, hope, and much more.

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