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Divine Design [John F Macarthur]

God's Complementary Roles for Men and Women

Men and women are wired differently. Each has areas of responsibility uniquely suited just for them.
So how does your family and church's view of men and women's roles line up with God's plan?
Divine Design offers a Bible-based comparison of pop culture’s ideas about manhood and womanhood with God's timeless design. Discover the beauty, balance, and benefits of your unique role in the church and the home in this practical, well-researched tool.
This book comes with a study guide in the back of the book.

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Anxious for Nothing [John F Macarthur]

God's Cure for the Cares of Your Soul

As Christians, we're certainly not immune to the troubles of life. We aren't promised an easy road, and when troubles do come, we're urged to rise above them and experience "peace that passes all understanding." But how, in day-to-day life, does that really happen?

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Because the Time is Near [John F Macarthur]

John MacArthur Explains the Book of Revelation

"The end of the world is coming." From roadside signs to science fiction films, this slogan underscores our society's nervous fascination with the future. Whether it's a giant asteroid, a worldwide plague, or some other global catastrophe, the end of the world is a terrifying prospect- at least for those who have no idea what it will be like.

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The Ultimate Priority [John Macarthur] 9780802408161

rnIt is the theme of Scripture, the theme of eternity, the theme of redemptive history – to worship the true and living and glorious God. Worship is the central issue in all of creation! So why do we treat it as only what is sung or played in church on Sunday morning?

rnPastor John Mac Arthur leads you in a clear discovery of Bible passages on whom and how to worship. You will learn that worship is any essential expression of service rendered unto God by a soul who loves and extols Him for who He is. Therefore, real worship should be the full-time, nonstop activity of every believer.

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Charismatic Chaos [John F Macarthur] Hardcover

The charismatic movement of the past quarter-century has made an impact on the church unparalleled in history. But one legacy of the movement is confusion and mushy thinking. In Charismatic Chaos, John F. MacArthur calls for biblical evaluation and analyzes the doctrinal differences between charismatics and non-charismatics in the light of Scripture. 'My principal concern,' writes John MacArthur, 'is to call the church to a firm commitment to the purity and authority of the Scriptures, and thereby to strengthen the unity of the true church.'

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MacArthur New Testsment Commentary Set 30 Volume [Hard Cover]

This 30 Volume series provides reliable, New Testament interpretation and practical Bible-study lessons. John MacArthur provides verse-by-verse exposition and a clear, in-depth discussion that bring the text’s meaning to light.Intellectually stimulating and personally relevant, this commentary series is ideal for pastors, teachers, and laypeople alike.

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Daily Readings from the Life of Jesus Christ Vol 1 John MacArthur 9780802456007

Daily Readings from the Life of Christ delivers a fresh realization of the grace of God in Christ for today. In this daily devotional by pastor and highly acclaimed author John MacArthur, your hungry heart will be focused on God and His Word. With insights on the life of Jesus, thoughts to ponder and wisdom gleaned from years of careful study, this devotional will feed your daily walk.

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Daily Readings from the Life of Jesus Christ Vol 2 John MacArthur 9780802456014

With insights on the life of Jesus, thoughts to ponder, and wisdom gleaned from years of careful study, this devotional helps seekers focus their heart on God and His Word.

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Daily Readings from the Life of Jesus Christ Vol 3 John MacArthur 9780802456021

Staying in the Word and focused on Christ. They are foundational to the Christian life. Here is a great tool to help you do both. In this third volume devotional by John MacArthur, you will be fed and focused on God's Word, insights on the life of Jesus, thoughts to ponder, and wisdom gleaned from years of careful study. "Daily Readings from the Life of Christ Volume 3" delivers more fresh insights into the grace of God through Christ. Let the practical and encouraging pages of this devotional challenge and uplift your heart as you come face-to-face with the infinite wonders of our Savior's life on this earth.

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Right Thinking In A World Gone Wrong [John Macarthur] 9788173629365

A Biblical Response to Today's Most Controversial Issues

“Our response to moral questions is not determined by politics, economics, personal preference, popular opinion or human reasoning. It is, instead, grounded in what God has told us is true about ourselves and our world... God’s Word offers sanity, clarity, and hope.”
—John MacArthur
One of the greatest challenges facing Christians today is the powerful influence of secular thinking. From all directions we’re fed a constant barrage of persuasive—yet unbiblical—worldviews. This makes it difficult to know where to stand on today’s most talked-about issues.

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