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A Deeper Look At The Sermon On The Mount [John Stott] 9780830831043

Developing Spiritual Character John Stott Bible Studies

Drawn from John Stott's Sermon on the Mount Life Guide Bible Study and his The Message of the Sermon on the Mount commentary, A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount will help you discover

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Basic Christianity [John Stott]Basic Christianity [John Stott] 9780851114934 9780851114934

Who was Jesus?
Why was he Crucified?
Did he really rise from the dead?
We need answers to these crucial questions in order to understand the basics of Christianity. In his highly regarded classic, John Stott gives a clear and full explanation and helps us to see what it means to be a Christian

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Calling Christian Leaders [John Stott] 9780851112572

Biblical models of Church, Gospel and Ministry

John Stott has found in his travels that contemporary models of Christian leadership are often shaped more by culture than by Christ. In stark contrast, he urges that our view of leadership must be determined by our view of the Church, and not the other way round. He demonstrates how central is the theme of 'power through weakness'. He expounds the role of the Holy Spirit in God's revelation, and he examines four of Paul's most striking models of ministry, each of which is an aspect of humility. Over against seductive styles of Leadership being advocated by the wisdom of the world, John Stott urges Christian leaders to be characterised above all else by 'the meekness and the gentleness of Christ'.

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Evangelical Truth [John Stott] 9780851119885

A personal plea for unity, integrity and faithfulness

This heartfelt statement from a contemporary Christian leader brings into sharp focus the defining essence of evangelical truth.
John Stott's masterly distillation of sixty years' reflection on Christian discipleship ranges over the history of the church and its formative teachings, as well as the worldwide church today. He expounds the trinitarian character of the evangelical faith: the gracious initiative of God the Father in revealing himself to us, of Jesus Christ in redeeming us through the cross, and of the indwelling Holy Spirit in transforming us. This is why the threefold emphasis of evangelical faith is upon the Word of God, the once-for-all nature of the work of Christ and the active, continuing work of the Spirit.

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Basic Christianity [50th Anniversary Edition] [John Stott] 9781844743049

'Jesus certainly existed. His existence as an historical figure is vouched for by pagan as well as Christian writers,' says John Stott.
Who was Jesus? Why was he crucified? Did he really rise from the dead?
We need answers to these key questions in order to understand the basics of Christianity. The author offers a clear and full explanation, showing what it means to be a Christian today.

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Why I am a Christian [John Stott] 9780851114071

This is my story

In a dark little chapel many years ago, a solitary schoolboy went in search of God, and later gave his life to Christ. It turned out to be the most significant decision he was ever to make. If it were not for Christ, he reflects, his would have been on the scrapheap of wasted and discarded lives. Instead, his life has been used to lead countless others around the world to that same new life, and into a deeper understanding of the One who gave his life that we might live.
Now John Stott tells his spiritual story, and gives the reasons for his first life-changing step of faith on the path he has followed since that day. It was not so much that he found Christ, as that Christ found him. Not because the Christian faith is attractive, but because it is true. Not because he deserved to be saved, but because Christ took his sins, and ours, on himself. It is because the answer to the paradox at the heart of our humanness, because the key to true freedom and fulfilment, are to be found in Jesus Christ alone. And he who extends the greatest of all invitations to each one of us waits patiently for our response.

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The Beatitudes [John Stott] 9780830821624

Developing Spiritual Character John Stott Bible Studies

Study Scripture with John Stott! The beatitudes reveal to us eight qualities that bring God's blessing: meekness and mercy, poorness in spirit and purity of heart, mourning and hunger, peacemaking and persecution. Jesus highlighted these to offer both encouragement and instruction on living distinctly as his followers in a world with values much different from God's. As we study these qualities and integrate them into our lives, we will receive the blessing Jesus promised to his followers then and now. John Stott is one of the world's leading and most loved Bible teachers and preachers. In this guide you can explore Scripture under his guidance, enhancing your own in-depth study with insights gained from his years of immersion in God's Word.

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