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The Bible Exposition Commentary (vol:1 - 6) Set -W Wiersbe Warren

A presentation of the exciting truth of the Scripture in a warm, personal style by one of the best-loved Bible teachers of this generation. To complete a commentary on the whole Bible in six volumes is not an easy task even in one's lifetime. The explanations are totally dependent on the written Word of God and its sound doctrinal view. Ideal for pastors and teachers of the Word.

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On Earth As It Is in Heaven [Warren W Wiersbe] 9780801072192

How the Lord's Prayer Teaches Us to Pray More Effectively

Just as babies slowly learn to communicate in more and more complex ways, so the new believer should move from simply crying out to God to a developed prayer life. The basic elements of prayer found in the Lord's Prayer are a helpful guide to Christians hoping to enrich their prayers. In On Earth as It Is in Heaven, beloved teacher and writer Warren W. Wiersbe explains and applies the elements of the Lord's Prayer to everyday prayer so readers get excited about maturing in their personal prayer ministries. Any reader wanting to experience a more satisfying and effective prayer life will cherish this thoughtful book.

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On Being a Servant of God [Warren W. Wiersbe] 9780801090868

Every pastor experiences feelings of inadequacy or loneliness at some time in ministry. Serving others and serving God is not an easy task. Warren Wiersbe, the "pastor's pastor," knows the struggles and triumphs a life of service brings.
On Being a Servant of God invites you to listen in on thirty short "armchair chats." With candor and sensitivity, Wiersbe shares what he wishes he had known about ministering to others when he began his own Christian pilgrimage. Let his years of experience and wise counsel bring comfort to your soul and energy to your tasks.
Sometimes people lose sight of the core of their ministry. They feel overwhelmed by the needs that surround them on a daily basis. Wise and beloved pastor Warren Wiersbe invites ministry leaders to listen in on thirty short "armchair chats" to encourage and strengthen them for service. He shares what he wishes he had known about ministering to others when he began his own Christian pilgrimage. "Ministry," he says, "takes place when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God."

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Old Testament Words for Today [Warren W wiersbe] 9780801015366

100 Devotional Reflections From The Bible

What could God possibly say to you in five words? The Bible is full of powerful five-word statements that contain life-changing messages. Some of the briefest statements in the Bible summarize the most important truths. They teach wisdom, uncover our frailties, reveal God's grace, and even expose Satan's schemes.

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Prayer Praise & Promises [Warren W Wiersbe] 9788173622632

A Daily Walk Through the Psalms

Prayer, Praise and Promises: A Daily Walk Through the Psalms is a book that you'll want to savor one day at a time. Ponder its truths and apply them to your life. You'll be the richer for it. Warren Wiersbe has mined the Psalms for their riches. He has devoted much of his life to Bible study and meditation. And now, in this devotional book, he offers you nuggets of pure gold.

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The Strategy Of Satan [Warren Wiersbe] 9789381905241

A timeless classic on the strategies of christian warfare. This book is a manual of arms for the Christian soldier. It is not a devotional reader for the believer who has gone AWOL. It is a deadly serious guidebook for dedicated Christians who are on the battlefield and want to know how to win. Warren W. Wiersbe discusses basic biblical instruction on defeating the strategies of the devil. Centering his material on Satan's attacks as a deceiver, destroyer, ruler, and accuser, Wiersbe emphasizes conquering the enemy by obeying God's truth. Chapters on defeating the devil in the church and in the home are included.

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