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Holman CSB Read to Me Bible for Kids 9781586401726

The Holman CSB Read to Me Bible for Kids was developed to help parents, grandparents, and teachers introduce the Bible to young children in a way the will help them understand, remember, and plant God's Word deep into their hearts. For many children, this will be their first Bible. As you share the stories in this Bible, they will begin to associate the names of God and Jesus with the Bible. They will see your warm expressions of love and faith as you touch the Bible, turn its pages, and read the Scriptures to them. Designed for use from birth through early childhood, this Bible capitalizes on one of the best ways children learn--repetition. Seeing the same pictures, hearing the same stories and beginning to read the same verses help children realize that the message of the e Bible is applicable at all ages and levels of understanding. Perfect for home, school or church, the Read to Me Bible for Kids contains colorful illustrations, teaching aids, and highlighted verses that are specifically designed to help children get the most out of Bible reading and memorization. The colorful illustrations combined with the Holman Christian Standard Bible--an accurate, easy-to-read and understand translation--will help children remember these stories for a lifetime. Recommended for ages 6 and under.


Features Include:

  • 60 Full-color pages with 29 Bible stories
  • 2 Full-color pages with a Simple New Testament Map and Bible Times Churches
  • 24 Additional pages in the back with 12 Bible stories and realistic illustrations
  • Special helps for parents
  • Bible verses and phrases list
  • Highlighted verses and stories
  • 8 pages with illustrations of places and things in the Bible
  • Basic Bible vocabulary for children
  • Bible stories with bold print to provide two levels of reading
  • Easy-to-read single column format

Product Information
ISBN 10:1586401726
ISBN 13:9781586401726
Publisher:Holman Publishers


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