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KJV Rainbow Study Bible Duotone Brown ISBN 9780784721667

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The Standard Rainbow Study Bible is a unique, useful, study Bible! Unlike traditional Bibles with simple black text, this presentation of Scripture explodes with color. This time-tested and top-selling presentation of Scripture lets readers easily identify the 12 major themes of the Bible through a unique color-coding system. Get more out of Bible study with the Standard Rainbow Study Bible! The unique color-coding system allows you to quickly and easily identify 12 major themes of the Bible- God, Discipleship, History, Salvation, Evil, Prophecy, Commandments, Sin, Love, Family, Outreach, and Faith- To create new excitement and result in deeper understanding and better retention of God's Word.
The Standard Rainbow Study Bible adds a new dimension to your Bible study, whether you are a new or more experienced Bible student.

The Standard Rainbow Study Bible:

  • Makes Scripture easier to understand
  • Enriches Bible study and lesson development
  • Helps new and less experienced Bible students.
  • Makes reading the Bible less intimidating
  • Eliminates frustrating searches
  • Improves focus on individual verses
  • Enhances daily Bible reading
  • Appeals to all ages

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  • Bold Line system distinguishes all spoken words of God
  • At-a-glance introduction and outline for each boo
  • Maps and illustrations throughout
  • Daily Bible reading calendars.
  • Concordance and subject Guide
  • Helpful center cross-references
  • 365 popular Bible quotations for memorization

Product Information
Version:KJV(King James Version
ISBN10: 0784721661
Publisher:Standard Publishing
Binding:Italian Duo tone


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