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Why I am a Christian [John Stott] 9780851114071

This is my story

In a dark little chapel many years ago, a solitary schoolboy went in search of God, and later gave his life to Christ. It turned out to be the most significant decision he was ever to make. If it were not for Christ, he reflects, his would have been on the scrapheap of wasted and discarded lives. Instead, his life has been used to lead countless others around the world to that same new life, and into a deeper understanding of the One who gave his life that we might live.
Now John Stott tells his spiritual story, and gives the reasons for his first life-changing step of faith on the path he has followed since that day. It was not so much that he found Christ, as that Christ found him. Not because the Christian faith is attractive, but because it is true. Not because he deserved to be saved, but because Christ took his sins, and ours, on himself. It is because the answer to the paradox at the heart of our humanness, because the key to true freedom and fulfilment, are to be found in Jesus Christ alone. And he who extends the greatest of all invitations to each one of us waits patiently for our response.

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William Booth [Janet Benge] 9789382603023

Apostle To The Poor

Fascinating biography of William Booth (1829-1912), the founder of Salvation Army. Booth dedicated his life to bringing the gospel to the outcasts of society who would never enter a church and weren't welcome there.
At age fifteen William vowed, "God shall have all there is of William Booth," and not even resistance from the church and government, lack of financial support, or vicious attacks by angry mobs could stop him from spreading the light of the gospel through the streets of England.

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Hudson Taylor [Janet Benge] 9789382603139

Deep In The Heart of China

This an amazing story of Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China. Hudson had a perilous maiden voyage to his beloved China. With his heart set in determined obedience to God, and trusting the provision of the One who had called him, Hudson overcame persecution and almost overwhelming personal losses to bring God's truth to the "ripe harvest fields" of China.

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William Wiberforce 9780882703701

This classic includes William Wiberforce Practical View of Christianity, historic papers, and a wonderful biography of the man who became the conscience of the world and helped bring an end to the practice of slavery in the civilized world.
William Wilberforce, the son of a wealthy merchant, was born in Hull in 1759.William’s father died when he was young, and for a time William was brought up by an uncle and aunt. William came under the influence of his aunt, who was a strong supporter of John Wesley and the Methodist movement. Disturbed by these developments, Mrs. Wilberforce brought her son back to the family home.

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Florence Nightingale [Sam Wellman] 817362545X

Lady with the Lamp

Florence Nightingale never questioned the day God called her into His service. But determining just what that service would be was another matter. “Decent” young women of the nineteenth century weren’t expected to work—especially not in the foul disease ridden medical camps of the British military. But that’s where the “Lady with the Lamp” found her calling: comforting sick, wounded and dying soldiers, and fighting for their rights within an apathetic establishment.

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Father Of Modern Missions [Dr Ralph Woodworth] 9789381905784

William Carey

William Carey is known as the "Father of Modern Missions”. He was deeply convinced that the church must take God’s Word to every nation. He gladly suffered any cost, sacrifice, or hardship to spread the Gospel of Christ. He lived and died by his motto which is known around the world. His story will challenge you to live by it: "Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God”.

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D L MOODY [Boonie C Harvey] 9788173623370

The American Evangelist

Dwight L. Moody could be called the Billy Graham of his generation. But a more appropriate appellation might be the father of the American evangelical movement, for without Moody, the reaching of souls worldwide would likely have occurred decades later.

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Corrie Ten Boom [Sam Wellman] 9788173625480

Heroine of Harrlem

At the start of World War II, Corrie ten Boom was, by all accounts, an ordinary, middle-aged Dutch woman. Moved by the tragic plight of the Jews, the Ten Booms converted their home in Harrlem, Holland, known as the Beje (pronounced “bay yay”), into a stopover to freedom for many. Tucked away upstairs above the family’s respected watch business was a secret room, a hiding place.

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Bonhoeffer [Eric Metaxas] 9781595552464

Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

WHO BETTER TO FACE THE GREATEST EVIL OF THE 20TH CENTURY THAN A HUMBLE MAN OF FAITH? As Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seduced a nation, bullied a continent, and attempted to exterminate the Jews of Europe, a small number of dissidents and saboteurs worked to dismantle the Third Reich from the inside. One of these was Dietrich Bonhoeffer--a pastor and author.

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David Livingstone [Sam Wellman] 8173625492

Missionary And Explorer

To go where no missionary had ever been, to smell the smoke of unknown villages, to witness to peoples beyond the vast Kalahari, such where the dreams of David Livingstone. While perhaps best remembered as the recipient of Henry Stanley’s understated query (“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”), the humble Livingstone disdained acclaim during his lifetime.

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