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Florence Nightingale [Sam Wellman] 817362545X

Lady with the Lamp

Florence Nightingale never questioned the day God called her into His service. But determining just what that service would be was another matter. “Decent” young women of the nineteenth century weren’t expected to work—especially not in the foul disease ridden medical camps of the British military. But that’s where the “Lady with the Lamp” found her calling: comforting sick, wounded and dying soldiers, and fighting for their rights within an apathetic establishment.
From Scutari Hospital in the Crimean War, she turned the medical world upside down. Florence Nightingale’s efforts revolutionized the care of hospital patients and elevated nursing to the noble rank it holds today. Most importantly, it clearly demonstrated Jesus’ teaching of service “unto the least of these my brethren.”


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Home · Resources [English] Books · Biography · Florence Nightingale [Sam Wellman] 817362545X