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Set Of Biographies [9 Booklets]

Awe Inspiring Biographies For Encouragement

Set of 9 booklets of 32 pages each containing awe inspiring biographies of some great missionaries, men and women of God who worked earnestly and untiringly for the kingdom of God. Great resource for encouraging youth, friends or new Christians. Ideal for distribution in churches,youth meetings etc.


The set includes:
1.Bartholomeus Ziegenbalg
First Protestant Missionary to India
The first to introduce the Printing press in South India
The first to translate and print the New Testament in Tamil
The first to translate German Hymns into Tamil
The first to build a Protestant Church
The first to produce a Tamil Dictionary

2.Agnes Jones
The nurse who laid down her life to serve the poorest...
The first trained Nurse to work in the Work House Hospital.

3.Henry Martyn
Pioneer Missionary to India and Iran, 1781...
Translated the Bible into Persian and Hindi

4.Christian Friedrich Schwartz
Founding Father of the Church in South India, 1750.
Worked for forty-eight years at a stretch in Tamil Nadu establishing Churches all over Tamil Nadu. He personally brought 6000 people to Christ

5.Edith Buxton
Missionary To Zaire, Africa, 1916...
She was the daughter of the legendary cricketer and missionary C.T. Studd, who ventured into Zaire to bring the people to CHRIST.

6.Edith Cavell
The Nurse who gave her life to save hundreds during World War 1...
She helped more than 200 Allied soldiers escape a certain death from the occupying German army in World War I.

7.Pandita Ramabai
The first woman Bible translator
Founder of the Mukti Mission
National Leader, Social Reformer
In appreciation of the work of PANDITA RAMABAI for the advancement of Indian women, the government of India named her WOMAN OF THE MILLENNIUM

8.Elizabeth Fry
Friend of prisoners and prison reformers who personally helped thousands of prisoners to find hope and new life in Christ.

9.King Saul -The First King Of Israel

As these booklets are useful for distribution you can order as many number of copies you require for your church or youth groups.


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