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David Livingstone [Sam Wellman] 8173625492

Missionary And Explorer

To go where no missionary had ever been, to smell the smoke of unknown villages, to witness to peoples beyond the vast Kalahari, such where the dreams of David Livingstone. While perhaps best remembered as the recipient of Henry Stanley’s understated query (“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”), the humble Livingstone disdained acclaim during his lifetime.
Born into poverty in Scotland and educated in medicine, he was first sent to South Africa in 1840 but at once recognized the dearth of missionaries in the northern regions. Exhaustion, serious illness, and wild animals, not to mention the murderous activities of slave traders, became commonplace as Dr. Livingstone journeyed south to Angola, then to Mozambique, and later, Victoria Falls. Driven by his faith and his sense of out-rage, Livingstone’s life and writings would ignite the Dark Continent as never before.


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Home · Resources [English] Books · Books · David Livingstone [Sam Wellman] 8173625492