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William Booth [Janet Benge] 9789382603023

Apostle To The Poor

Fascinating biography of William Booth (1829-1912), the founder of Salvation Army. Booth dedicated his life to bringing the gospel to the outcasts of society who would never enter a church and weren't welcome there.
At age fifteen William vowed, "God shall have all there is of William Booth," and not even resistance from the church and government, lack of financial support, or vicious attacks by angry mobs could stop him from spreading the light of the gospel through the streets of England.
Today, all around the world, General William Booth's Salvation Army operates thousands of evangelistic and social service centers, changing countless lives with the love of God and the courage of their convictions.


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Type: Book
ISBN: 9789382603023
Category: Biography
Publisher: Authentic India
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 245gms
Dimension: 204x135x13


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Home · Resources [English] Books · Books · William Booth [Janet Benge] 9789382603023