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Standard Bible Storybook [Carolyn Larsen] 9780784723609

This is a complete Bible storybook illustrated with realistic art from Standard Publishing's classic Bible art collection intended for elementary children and designed to be read aloud as well as privately. More than 150 Bible stories are retold and Includes all the significant stories form the Bible; each story is approximately three hundred words. These stories show how the familiar events and people of the Bible are connected. They also show God’s constant involvement with and love for His people. Perfect for devotional and bedtime reading, the entire family will enjoy this engaging story book.

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God's Story For All [Dawn Mueller] 9788792105479

Children's Bible

Young readers will experience the wonders of God’s amazing word based on 54 well known stories from the Old and New Testament. Realistic, authentic illustrations complement a vivid retelling true to the Holy Scriptures.

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Feed My Lambs Bible Verses for Kids Made Fun 9783037303269

The Feed My Lambs series includes six colorful books with a total of 90 Bible verses on key Christian topics, simplifies to make them easy for children to understand and learn. Each verse has a lively illustration that helps children relate the verse's meaning to their everyday's lives.
As your children become familiar with the Bible verses in the Feed My Lambs course, they will learn many important Christian truths and character-building principles that will stay with them through out their lives Bible verses for kids made fun!

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David And Goliath 9780784717127

David learns that there is no problem that is too big for God to handle!

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Daniel and Lions [Bible Pop Up Pals] 9780784719480

Grr—Grr—Growl! Share the story with your child of God using one man's faith to teach a king!

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The Children's Bible 9781598569292

The Children’s Bible contains all the best Bible stories, rewritten in simple sentences for children of all ages. With more than 200 detailed illustrations, favorite Bible stories will spring to life in chronological order. Scripture verses are listed for easy reference.

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The Carry Along Bible [Jakob Kramer] 9788792105004

This little Bible board book for children presents 23 Bible stories retold in simple sentences. The very young will love carrying this Bible with them as they start off learning some of the best loved Bible stories.

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The Candle Classic Bible 9781859858677

Retold In 365 Stories

A Bible story for every day--365 of the best-loved Bible stories fully illustrated in a classic style will become favorites for children and parents alike, with each story divided into easy-to-read sections with the day, heading, and Scripture reference. Children are encouraged to spend family time together reading a new story each day.

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The Big Book Of Questions And Answers [Sinclair Ferguson] 9781857922950

A Family Devotional Guide To The Christian Faith

Questions! Questions! Questions! Children are full of them. Where did I come from? What is God like? Is there only one God? The Big Book of Questions and Answers is a family guide to the Christian Faith. It contains a wealth of activities, prayers, and Bible references. This interactive resources material will bring families closer together as they learn about the Christian faith.

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The Big Book Of Questions And Answers About Jesus [Sinclair Ferguson] 9781857925593

Following on from the success of the original Big Book of Questions and Answers, this book tackles the many questions that children have about Jesus, including:What was special about Jesus?
Why did Jesus heal sick people?
Why did Jesus have to die?
How can I give my life to Jesus?

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