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The Children's Bible 9781409364511

The Children's Bible features more than 150 of the best loved stories from the Bible, covering both Old and New Testaments. Beautiful illustrations and colour photographs of artefacts and historical objects bring tales and characters to life, and pictures of famous biblical locations as they are today make this the perfect modern Bible. The meaning of each parable or story is explained and colourful maps of biblical sites mean you can find out exactly where they are in the world today.

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Bible Stories For Curious Kids 9780784721278

800+ Questions To Explore

Kids are naturally curious, and asking questions is one way they learn. Bible stories for Curious Kids will satisfy their curiosity about 70 familiar stories from the Bible. More than 800 questions will guide kids through Old and New Testament stories, giving them lots to explore!

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The Awesome Book Of Bible Answers For Kids [Josh McDowell Kevin Johnson] 9780736928724

Kids are curious about Jesus and God and yet, by the time they are teens, the majority stop asking questions about faith and starting questioning faith altogether. Respected Christian apologist Josh McDowell encourages children to stand on the foundation of truth with this contemporary gathering of concise, welcoming answers for kids ages 8 to 12. A fun format includes key Bible verses and pre-teen friendly explorations of topics that matter most to kids:

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Bible Story Book 9780784723609

More than 150 Bible stories are retold and illustrated by beautiful paintings from Standard Publishing’s Classic Bible Art Collection. These stories show how the familiar events and people of the Bible are connected. They also show God’s constant involvement with and love for His people. Perfect for devotional and bedtime reading, the entire family will enjoy this engaging story book.

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Bible For Toddlers [Gill Guile] 9788792105554

Illustrated here 20 well-known stories about God and His love and promises for us through Jesus. This will be a favorite introduction to the Bible for toddlers and young readers.

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Bible For Young Children [Dawn Mueller] 9788792105646

Timeless Children's Stories

Bible for young children is a collection of 45 favorite Bible stories about God and His love for us through Jesus. Each chapter faithfully tells the history of God’s family in language which is easily understood by young children. The vibrant illustrations will delight both the listener and the reader! Used for family devotions or bedtime stories, this book is sure to become a favorite in your home.

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