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Barnes' Notes on the New Testament 9780825422003

One Volume Edition

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In its multi-volume version, this is one of the best-selling commentary sets of all time! James Murphy and Albert Barnes' conservative verse-by-verse explanation of the King James text and practical applications are dependable and profitable for sermon preparation, biblical study, and teaching.

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The Bible Speaks Today Series [Old Testament Series] 31 Vol Set

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The Bible Speaks Today is a series of expositions, based on the books of the Old Testaments. Each series is characterized by a threefold ideal:

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The Bible Speaks Today Series [New Testament Series] 21 Vol Set

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The Bible Speaks Today series has been widely acclaimed for its accurate exposition, contemporary relevance and readability.All who preach and teach the Word of God,or who want to study it earnestly, will benefit from these superb studies.

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Pulpit Commentary (23 volumes set) Hardcover 9780917006326

This is one of the largest homiletical commentary sets of its kind giving verse-by-verse exposition, a translation, historical and geographical information, followed by the homiletics section, homilies by numerous authors, a homiletical index to the Bible, and a complete general index volume. There are 95, 000 entries featured in this commentary set. This set is a must for any preaching student or pastor.

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Vine's Topical Commentary Prophecy [William Edwy Vine] 9781418543082

William Edwy Vine, author of the celebrated Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, was one of the great evangelical Bible scholars of the twentieth century. He brought to all his writings a level of exegetical care and precision that is rare in any age, ensuring his writings still speak to this generation and future ones.

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New Interpreter's Bible (12 Volume Set) Hardcover 9780687002313

The New Interpreter's Bible Commentary offers critically sound biblical interpretation. Guided by scholars, pastors, and laity representing diverse traditions, academic experience, and involvement in the Church, this collection of writings is specifically prepared to meet the needs of preachers, teachers, and all students of the Bible.

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Psalms As Christian Worship [Bruce k Waltke James M Houston] 9780802863744

An Historical Commentary

This collaboration by two esteemed evangelical scholars blends a verse-by-verse exposition of select psalms with a history of their interpretation in the church from the time of the apostles to the present. Bruce Waltke, who has been teaching and preaching the book of Psalms for over fifty years, skillfully establishes the meaning of the Hebrew text through the careful exegesis for which he is well known.

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MacArthur New Testsment Commentary Set 30 Volume [Hard Cover]

This 30 Volume series provides reliable, New Testament interpretation and practical Bible-study lessons. John MacArthur provides verse-by-verse exposition and a clear, in-depth discussion that bring the text’s meaning to light.Intellectually stimulating and personally relevant, this commentary series is ideal for pastors, teachers, and laypeople alike.

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Believer's Bible Commentary 9789381905593

A Complete Bible Commentary in One Volume

The Believer’s Bible Commentary makes the riches of God’s Word clearer for every Bible student, teacher, and preacher. Devout evangelical scholarship from William MacDonald unpacks the meaning of each biblical book with warmth and reverence. This commentary is the perfect choice for personal and group study. Strengthen your beliefs with a deeper understanding of God’s truth.

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Zondervan NIV Matthew Henry Commentary Hard Cover 9780310260400

In One Volume

Time has sealed the reputation of Matthew Henry's classic commentary as a rich source of insight into God's word. Four centuries after its first publication, it remains one of the best-loved, most popular commentaries ever written. However, while its wisdom is timeless, the English language has changed much through the years. Words that meant one thing in Matthew Henry's day have taken on different meanings today. In addition, Henry's often wordy reflections are generations removed from the crisp style that communicates most effectively to contemporary readers.

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