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Systematic Theology [Wayne A Grudem] 9788173625381

In this best-selling book, each chapter begins with a clear definition of the doctrine under consideration and moves on to a thorough exposition of its basis in Scripture. Then follow questions for personal application, which help to bring out the relevance of the doctrine to the life of the individual and the church. Each chapter ends with a hymn suitable for corporate use or personal meditation.

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Synopsis of the Four Gospels Greek English Edition [Kurt Aland] 9781598561777

This synopsis edition of the four canonical gospels follows the text of the Revised Standard Version, one of the more accepted versions of the Bible in the scholarship of the last generation of Biblical scholars. It presents the four canonical gospels in parallel format, following the text from the beginning, and going more or less in chronological order.

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The World of the Bible [John Drane] 9780745952505

The Bible is often best understood when it is properly placed in the cultural and social context in which it was written. To this end, this extensive reference explores the culture of the Israelites and the ancient nations that surrounded and influenced them. The time periods covered include the Bronze Age of Palestine; the Age of Empires; the Dawn of the Modern World; and the history, cultures, and beliefs of such civilizations as the Canaanites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, ancient Greeks and ancient Romans.

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Manual of Christian Doctrine [Louis Berkhof] 9780802816474

Mindful of the great importance of the proper indoctrination of the young people of the church, Louis Berkhof wrote this comprehensive yet concise introduction to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith from a Reformed perspective.Basing this work on his own full-scale Systematic Theology, Berkhof summarizes the body of church doctrine, beginning with the doctrines of Scripture and God and proceeding through statements on anthropology, Christology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology.

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The Hayford Bible Handbook [Jack Hayford] 9780785250340

The Hayford Bible Handbook [Jack Hayford] 9780785250340

The Hayford Bible Handbook continues to offer charismatic and Pentecostal Christians a major reference tool that provides easy access to a wealth of biblical and practical information. Are you a Spirit-filled Christian who longs for fresh insights from the Bible? Do you want God's truth to challenge you, and change you, and bless others through you in ways you never thought possible? The Hayford Bible Handbook is an unparalleled resource that unveils the Keys to Scripture uniquely, providing not only a wealth of information, but also a spiritual stimulus that will encourage your faith and service to Christ.

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Israel and the Church [Ronald E Diprose] 9780830856893

The Origins and Effects of Replacement Theology

Modern Israel and its relations with its Arab neighbors has been conspicuously in the daily news ever since World War II. Until that time, the concept of "Israel" and a continuing Jewish people had been hovering in the distant background of Christian thought and doctrine since the post apostolic era. In this important work, Dr. Diprose demonstrates the uniqueness of Israel and its special place in the divine plan. By carefully reviewing relevant New Testament and post apostolic writings, the author traces the origin and development of Replacement Theology—the concept that the Church has completely and permanently replaced ethnic Israel in the outworking of God's plan throughout history—challenging its origin and role in the development of Christian thought on the future of ethnic Israel.

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The Apostolic Fathers [Mark Galli] 9780802456595

Now with a new foreword by Mark Galli.
A collection of the earliest known writings of the church, The Apostolic Fathers includes a sermon and six brief documents. The First and Second Epistles of Clement, the Didache, the Epistles of Ignatius, the Epistle of Polycarp, the Epistle about Polycarp's Martyrdom, and the Shepherd of Hermas.

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Martin Luther's Theology [Oswald Bayer] 9780802827999

A Contemporary Interpretation

Forty years of in-depth research on Martin Luther's theology has left Oswald Bayer uniquely qualified to present this comprehensive study. He does so with clarity and care, simply enough for nontheologians to access.
This remarkable book offers the basics of Luther's understanding of theology, discussing his response to the "philosophy of science" tradition, the formula by which he studied theology, and the basic philosophy that informed him.

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Foundations Of The Christian Faith [James Montgomery Boice] 9780851106373

In one systematic volume, James Boice provides a readable overview of Christian theology. Students and pastors will both benefit from this rich source that covers all of the major doctrines of Christianity.With scholarly rigor and a pastor's heart, Boice carefully opens the topics of the nature of God, the character of his natural and special revelation, the fall, and the person and work of Christ. He then goes on to consider the work of the Holy Spirit in justification and sanctification. The book closes with careful discussions of ecclesiology and eschatology.

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The Ways of Our God [Charles H H Scobie] 9780802849502

An Approach to Biblical Theology

At a time when Old Testament and New Testament studies are considered to be two very different tasks, this major new work by Charles Scobie offers an approach to biblical theology meant to take in the entire sweep of divine revelation.

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