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AMG Concise Survey of the Bible G Campbell Morgan 9780899572000

lay out in simple form what he sees to be the central message of each book of the Bible, Campbell Morgan outlines the primary message in the form of a chart. As he writes the chapter, he follows by expounding on the basic points in the chart. For the Old Testament, he breaks down each book into "the permanent values" and "the living message". His layout for the books of the New Testament contains "the essential message" and "the application".
Morgan refers to the old Testament as the "library of expectation and hope". In seeking the permanent value of each OT book, he declares the foundation of hope; the living message that will apply what is permanent to the life and time of every reader.
In discovering the essential message of each NT book, Morgan points toward Christ, "who is the final speech of God to the world". From the essential message of each book, Morgan draws the reader to consider how that message can be applied to their daily life, to make them moment by moment ore like the living Christ.

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AMG Concise Names Of Christ James Large 9780899576411

What's in a name? Everything. Particularly in the Bible, personal names and titles have significant meanings and often convey a wealth of information about the individual being depicted. This is most truly the case with the titles and symbols used to describe the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Scriptures instruct us that the way to know God is through Christ. A proper understanding of who Jesus is lies at the very root of the Christian religion and impacts the daily life of every believer. Even Jesus used these names to teach truths regarding Himself. When He wanted people to know that there is no way to heaven but through Him, He said, "I am the Door." And when He taught how kind He is to those who follow Him, He said, "I am the Good Shepherd." When He desired to impress on minds how weak and worthless we are without Him, He speaks of Himself as the Vine, and His disciples as the branches.

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AMG Concise Church History John Hunt 9780899576961

Each chapter begins with a list of the dates of important events in that period, followed by an introduction to the period. Then the pivotal events of the period are mentioned, and an overview discusses these events and their impact on the Church.
Biographical sketches introduce the key people of the period, while extracts from Christian writings of the time, on topics ranging from doctrines and descriptions of historical events to devotional and Bible studies, offer a deeper understanding of the issues and struggles of real people just like us. Each chapter ends with a discussion of important translations of the Bible.

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Concise Life of Christ James Stalker 9780899576992

In AMG's Concise Life of Christ James Stalker not only helps the reader to learn about the life of Jesus, but Stalker also explains how to model our lives after Christ's life and example. This volume will lead the reader into a deeper commitment and dedication to Christ.
James Stalker (1848-1927) was one of Scotland's most renowned preachers. Stalker served as pastor of St. Brycedale's in Kirkcaldy for thirteen years, as pastor of St. Matthew's in Glasgow for fifteen years, and as a professor of church history at the United Free Church College of Aberdeen for twenty-four years.

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AMG's Encyclopedia of Bible Facts Mark Water 9780899574493

This one-volume Bible encyclopedia is loaded with charts, information and over 100,000 Bible facts. The book is divided into four sections for easy reference: facts on Bible background, facts on the whole Bible, facts from the Old Testament, and facts from the New Testament. You will learn how the Bible was written, view sample translations from dozens of different Bible versions, learn about the customs and manners of the day, and come to a fuller understanding of each book of the Old and New Testament. Investigate strange customs, mysteries, dark topics, and seeming contradictions as well as locate scriptural examples of conversions, rejections, promises, prayers, persecution, and martyrdom. A great resource for your library.

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AMG Concise Bible Characters Alexander Whyte 9780899576497

Alexander Whyte was a trained preacher, a polished writer and very gifted at conveying the stories of other human beings.In AMG’s Concise Bible Characters, Whyte uses his storytelling skills to interact with the greatest content of all time, the Holy Bible. What results is a collection of more than 150 stories on the characters of the Bible. Whyte’s writings continue to inspire preachers, Sunday school teachers, and lay people more than 160 years after they were published. Readers of these Bible character stories will feel like they are right there while things are happening. Whyte uses these stories to challenge each of us to consider our own character, to challenge us to be better than we have been, to reach for something beyond what we think we can attain. He challenges us to keep striving when life is tough, but more than that, he reveals how the characters of the Bible were able to do these things, and how we can accomplish them in our own lives.

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Atonement and Justification D Martyn Lloyd Jones 9780851510347

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), minister of Westminster Chapel in London for thirty years, was one of the foremost preachers of his day.
In this volume the preacher moves step by step through the massive reasoning of the Apostle Paul on atonement and justification, yet the detail of the exposition does not stand in the way of a clear view of the whole, and the reader is constantly shown how every section fits in the theme of God's complete plan of salvation.
If you want to understand the basis for Christian salvation as explained by Paul in the New Testament, you can do no better than start here!

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The Complete Word Study Dictionary : Old Testament 9780899576671

This new dictionary completes the AMG Word Study Series. This dictionary allows the person with no prior knowledge of Hebrew or Aramaic to complete an effective word study. Each Hebrew word in this book is listed numerically by its Strong's reference number. The Complete Word Study Dictionary, Old Tstament includes a guide to tranliteration, a translational reference index, and is written in an easy to read format.
Features for each word listed:

  • Derivation
  • Exegetical Commentary
  • Word History and Etymology
  • Derivative, Synonym & Antonym Lists

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New Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies William Wilson 9780825440304

Gain a better understanding of word meanings in the Old Testament with Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies. Wilson's is a valuable tool for both the Hebrew student and those who do not have a working knowledge of the language.

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All The Doctrines Of The Bible - Herbert Lockyer

Ground your faith in the major doctrines of the Bible. All the Doctrines of the Bible give you a grasp of the Bible's key teachings. Beginning with a chapter on how to study Bible doctrine, this book provides you with studies and analyses of thirty important doctrines. Divine revelation, Christ, the Holy Spirit, angels, grace, peace, predestination, last things...not only are the topics fascinating and diverse, but understanding them correctly is indispensable for spiritual stability and fruitful Christian living.

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