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New Life With Jesus [Telugu] Manfred Roeseler 9788173625749

The Basic Bible course is useful in providing a practical introduction to the Christian life, especially for new believers. It can be put to use in the frame-work of personal discipleship for group or personal Bible study. The entire Basic Bible Course consists of two parts, each with 12 lessons. The following fundamentals of Bible teaching are discussed:

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100 Best Loved Bible Stories [Telugu] AB12010110249

100 Best-Loved Bible Stories have been selected to bring the Bible to life for the very young. Staying close and faithful to the Bible text itself the stories are presented in a way young listeners and readers will find it easy to understand and enjoy. 100 Best-Loved Bible Stories is a great introduction to God's wonderful Word for children and families to treasure.

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Great Themes Of The Bible [Telugu] Selwyn Gummer 9789381905012

Great Themes of the Bible is an endeavor to bring together some of the choicest material from the famous MATHEW HENRY COMMENTARY in a form which will be a great source of help to busy preachers, Bible students and a new generation of readers. The book deals with subjects like Atonement, Grace, Mercy, Evil, Christ, Transfiguration, Sanctification and many more. Sermon Outline on each subject is an added feature of this book.

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Exploring The New Testament [Telugu] Fredrick Osborn 9789381905005

A Practical Survey in 18 Lessons

Exploring the New Testament, A practical Survey in 18 lessons will equip pastors, teachers and all who want to study and handle the Word of God with accuracy and confidence.
From his many years of experience on the mission fields, Fred Osborn realized that there is a tremendous need for basic Bible study materials among those that have little or no material resources. This book is the result of the need for basic training in the New Testament.

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500 Evangelistic Sermon Outlines [Telugu] John Ritchie 9788173629532

John Ritchie brings out truths that change lives and minister to present needs in his book. Personal, prayerful study of the Bible is encouraged by offering inspiring insights to those who preach or teach God’s truths. The busy preacher or lay person will find helpful and stimulating ideas for a dynamic preaching or teaching ministry in these sermon outlines. This edition offers Preaching Guidelines by Dr. Billy Graham that help preachers develop messages that bring people to faith in Christ

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What The Bible Says To The Minister [Telugu] 9788173628924

You as God’s minister are today dealing with awesome pressures and expectations from every side. Hurting people constantly bring you their needs and questions, expecting you as God’s servant to solve and resolve them all. So where do YOU, God’s dearly beloved, find your solace and source of strength and answers?
In these 426 pages, you will find God speaking directly to you from 400 old and New Testament verses.

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True Discipleship [Telugu] William MacDonald

To be a disciple of the Lord Jesus, one must forsake all. This is the unmistakable meaning of the words of the Saviour. No matter how much we might object to such an ‘extreme’ demand, no matter how much we might rebel against such an “impossible” and “unwise” policy, the fact remains that this is the Word of the Lord, and he means what He says.

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Spiritual Leadership [Telugu] Oswald J Sanders 9788173623769

Christianity needs powerful voices in today's world, voices from strong leaders guided by God and devoted to Christ. Spiritual Leadership will encourage you to place your talents and powers at His disposal so you can become a leader used for His glory.

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The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict [Telugu] Josh McDowell 9788173629457

Is the Bible historically reliable? Is there credible evidence of Christ's claim to be God?
Will Christianity stand up before 21st century critics?
Christians today face growing challenges to show that their faith is both relevant and credible. Josh McDowell's New Evidence That Demands a Verdict combines the two original best-selling volumes into one, maintaining their classic defense of the faith, yet answering new questions posed by today's culture.

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New Bible Quiz [Telugu] Sunitha Solomon 9789382603924

New Bible Quiz is a long – awaited, extensive resource for sincere students of the Bible. It contains a load of factual information pertaining to the Holy Bible—General Articles in Part 1 and Questions & Answers section in Part 2.
40 different exciting topics like Bible survey, Basic doctrines of the Bible, Jewish traditions, timings, Festivals and their relevance in the NT etc., are the highlights of the Part 1. The Questions & Answers segment enables the readers to search the Scriptures for themselves for suitable answers.

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