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Master Builders [Telugu] Bob Gordon 9788173628801

Developing Life and Leadership in the Body of Christ Today

Master Builders is an important resource book written especially for leaders and designed to encourage maturity and effectiveness within Christian leadership. It is a study guide which presents a balanced view of leadership with a clear, practical and spiritual challenge to all who desire to grow in spiritual responsibility within the Body of Christ.

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Families In The Plan Of God [Telugu] Beulah Wood AB11120060119

South Asian Pastors, families, and theological colleges need a Christian text on family geared to their culture's needs and addressing felt problems in the 21st century. What is the Christian view of parenting? What is an appropriate theology of marriage and inheritance? How can young people be protected? Beulah Wood seeks the over-arching principles.

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Enjoy Your Bible [Telugu] William Macdonald 9789381905449

Studying God’s Word should become a delight, a pleasure, and a joy. This little volume is to help chart your own early excursions on the limitless seas of adventuring into the written Word of God. This is an excellent study tool for everyone especially who want to begin to read the Bible. Book provides some basic principles and helpful suggestion to study the Word of God.

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Drops from a Leaking Tap [Telugu] George Verwer 9788173629587

Drops from a Leaking Tap narrates and assesses how, in spite of a mixture of the ups and downs, lives that are committed to Jesus can move forward to His purposes. The book illustrates George Verwer’s several experiences from his five decades in mission. He says “We must press forward with our eyes on the Savior, Lord Jesus. Let’s embrace the pain and hurt and allow them to make us better people for His glory,”

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Ablaze for God [Telugu] Wesley L Duewel 9788173627941

Wesley L. Duewel in his book on leadership Ablaze for God speaks on the spiritual dynamics of leadership and how one can be more a person of God, aflame for God, anointed and empowered by God — truly a Spirit-filled leader. Duewel says “This is a book for every Christian leader, pastor, lay leader, Bible or Sunday school teacher, youth leader, missionary or leader in God’s cause at large. This is not a ‘how-to’ book, although it is filled with practical suggestions for your leadership. It is a book on the spiritual dynamics of your leadership”

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101 Bible Lessons Telugu E D Chelladurai 9789382603283

Invigorating Guidebook of Bible Treasures. Constant Bible study is inevitable for one to learn, listen and experience the eternal message of the Scripture. 101 Bible Lessons aims at exploring the main themes of the Bible.
It is a book that
Inspires, educates and changes lives
Equips people to have inquisitive study of the Word of God
Helps increasing effectiveness of the Bible expositors
One may use this book to know more biblical truths and assimilate them to lead a godly life.

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1000 Bible Study Outlines [Telugu] Frederick Edward Marsh 9789382603221

Study Helps and Sermon Outlines

The diligent student, busy pastor and sincere layman will find a collection of diverse outlines within these pages. Titles include: “Attitudes of the Believer,” “The Believer’s Calling,” “Blunders,” “Christ’s Sevenfold Character,” “How to Help in the Lord’s Work,” “Power of the Cross,” “Seven Golden Links of Grace,” “The Ideal Church,” “Waiting Upon the Lord,” “Zealous People” and 990 others.
1000 Bible Study Outlines will provide “stepping stones” to rewarding Bible study or sermon and lesson preparation and provides a treasure chest of inspiration!

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500 Evangelistic Sermon Outlines [Tamil] - John Ritchie

John Ritchie brings out truths that change lives and minister to present needs in his book. Personal, prayerful study of the Bible is encouraged by offering inspiring insights to those who preach or teach God’s truths. The busy preacher or lay person will find helpful and stimulating ideas for a dynamic preaching or teaching ministry in these sermon outlines. This edition offers Preaching Guidelines by Dr. Billy Graham that help preachers develop messages that bring people to faith in Christ

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